Just Dreaming…

If I could get my act together and muster up the energy, motivation, and persistence I used to have (a couple years ago when I was first losing weight), there are a  few things I’d be determined to do. Since I just don’t have the drive I used to, I make no promises to hold to these goals, but they’re things I want to work toward.

1. Cutting Out Sugar: We’ve used up most of our grocery budget for this month already, so although I do have every intention of revisiting my mini-detox I couldn’t finish a few weeks ago, it’ll have to wait until we have fresh funds to buy a fresh batch of fruits and veggies. While we finish eating whatever’s currently in thee pantry, I hope to steer clear of added sugar. ‘

2. 14 Days of Yoga: I just keep hearing and reading about how good yoga is for runners, controlling cravings, and managing stress. Work is getting busy, I’m running a lot more now that the weather is getting nicer, and it would probably help me get off sugar. I found a couple DVD’s at the library that each have 7 20-minute yoga workouts. Seems simple enough. Just gotta vacuum first! Ha!

3. Committing To A Schedule: I work odd hours, my husband works odd hours, things change all the time and there’s always something to do. We’ve been eating dinner as early as 5 and as late as 10. There’s been pizza (veggie at least! And only 2 pieces!) for breakfast at 10:30. In the past week I’ve woken up as early as 4:50am and as late as 10:27. I used to get up at 6 or 6:30 every morning, get my run in by 7:15, take a shower and eat breakfast by 8:30, and work 9-5. I’d make dinner, clean up around the house, relax a little bit with the husband and get to bed around 10:30-11. I need some normalcy again! I’m supposed to be able to set my own work schedule starting in June. I’m praying it helps.

4. 35 More Workouts: I’m still bummed that I never completed the initial challenge that led me to create this blog. I know that I need to do some cross training and some strength workouts during my marathon training but just wouldn’t know how to work it in.

Maybe a little bit of each. One day at a time…


Well, That Was Dumb.

You wanna know what’s a really bad idea? Running 3 miles of  intervals in the sun, in nearly 80 degree heat after completing 30 minutes of weights at the gym. That’s what’s a really bad idea. I literally crawled up my front steps. I’m not sure whether I should be worried that none of my neighbors seemed concerned…

Sweaty mess after my harsh run.

Sweaty mess after my harsh run.

Here’s how the crazy unfolded – My gym is 3 miles from my house. I thought “I need to run and do weights today. I’ll run to the gym, do weights, then run home!” Then I thought “That’s 6 miles. That’s crazy.” So I had my husband drop me off at the gym on his way into work this morning so I would only have to run home. It seemed like a good idea.

I did several leg machines first so they’d have a chance to rest before I ran home. Then I did 5 minutes on the stair machine (for my butt), and several arm machines. It was really hot at the gym and really crowded too, so I decided to leave and do abs at home. When I first started off, I could just tell I felt really slow. My Run Keeper app wasn’t even running for the first quarter of a mile. I had a bad feeling about this from the very beginning. I set out to do 3 miles of 2 minutes “slow” (about 10 min per mile pacing) followed by 1 minutes of “fast” running (about 8:30 pacing). By my fourth “slow” interval, I was walking. By my sixth “fast” interval I was walking those too. Then there was that whole collapse-on-the-front-steps-and-crawl-to-the-door episode.

Whomp. Whomp.

Whomp. Whomp.

What was I thinking?? Seriously. That was miserable.  I even had one “fast” interval that was a 17:16 pace. Ha!

I will never again do speedwork after weights.

I did do abs at home at least. And that wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Have you ever made a bad workout decision?