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I’m detoxing this week. I’ve been eating so much junk that I’m actually looking forward to eating veggies! I’m not a huge fan of the typical detox diet. You know, the kind where you only drink juice for a month, eat only fruit for a week, or take some sort of supplement to flush out your liver or colon or whatever organ seems to be clogged up with toxins? I just think that all sounds ridiculous. The human body is designed to detox itself as long as you feed it properly. (Obviously, there can be some medical conditions and circumstances in which this isn’t true, but it’s generally the case for most healthy bodies.) I just want to get back to the basics and set myself up for a season of healthy eating. So I’m not really detoxing as much as I’m cleansing. Cleansing my palette, my mind, and also my body.

The fridge and freezer are all stocked with fresh produce!

The fridge and freezer are all stocked with fresh produce!

Pantry cabinet with tons of canned beans and tomatoes, whole wheat pastas, nuts, and Larabars (in the green basket).

Pantry cabinet with tons of canned beans and tomatoes, whole wheat pastas, nuts, and Larabars (in the green basket).

If you follow this bog at all, you’re probably wondering why I’m starting a new challenge when I haven’t been able to finish any of the other plans I’ve made. Well, after a few failures (a la 35 workouts, and 10 in 10), I’ve done some thinking (and some blogging) about my issue with binge eating. I know there’s no way I’m ever going to be able to accomplish my fitness goals when I eat the way I do. There are other reasons too, that have all pointed me in the direction of this 7 day detox (I’m still going to call it that, because “cleanse” sounds kinda gross):

  • The binge eating thing.
  • My ADD has gotten really bad lately.
  • I haven’t been sleeping well and my energy levels have been low.
  • My acne-prone skin was looking really nice, but in the past 3 weeks has broken out a ton.
  • I’d rather spend my money on cute summer clothes than on snacks and candy.

One week seems manageable to me – even my husband said he’s going to try to do a modified detox with me! To keep things as reasonable as possible, I’ve broken it up into 2 phases:

Phase 1

  • 3 days
  • Unlimited fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, oils and seasonings
  • No meat, dairy, grains, or added sugar

Phase 2

  • 4 days
  • Unlimited fruits, veggies, beans, and seasonings
  • Meat, dairy, grains, nuts and oils in moderation (about 2 servings per day of each)
  • No added sugar

After the full 7 days is up, I hope to keep up with phase-2-type-eating but add in a little bit of sugar. I’ll probably allow myself 100 calories or so a day of chocolate, alcohol, or other sweets each day. I figure I can save up those calories if I choose too. Sometimes we go out for dessert, bake cookies, sneak candy into the movie theater, or get drinks on the weekends. I’m not going to cut all of that out of my life! I know I don’t need to enjoy those luxuries every evening.

I’m planning on posting every evening with what I eat each day if you’re at all interested in what meals look like without meat, dairy, grains, or sugar. Oh! And I’m also not going to be eating any heavily processed foods. I found some organic, no sugar added, no weird ingredient salad dressings and I plan to continue having Larabars as a snack. A lot of their flavors have no sugar added and are actually 5 ingredients or less. Another note I should make, I don’t normally drink anything but water, but if I was a coffee or tea drinker I’d cut out caffeine in phase 1, and then limit my caffeine in phase 2 to one cup a day of coffee or caffeinated tea. In case you’re wanting to try a similar plan and you are a caffeine drinker. (Please keep in mind that I’m no nutrition expert though. If you’re going to try this, check with your doctor or a nutritionist first!) 

Really, I think this will be a successful challenge. I hope you’ll stick around to see how it goes. I’m sure I’ll need support to stick it out.

Have you ever tried a detox diet? What was it and how did it turn out?


(Sorry for the crummy pictures. Phone was more convenient than the DSLR…)



It’s late and I know a lot of people won’t read this, but that might be better anyway. I was going to make this cute and lighthearted but it seemed a little inappropriate the more I sat on it. Here’s the gist – I’ve gain a bunch of weight. Like 5 lbs in the past 3 weeks. All of my hard work earlier this year has basically been wasted. I tried really hard not to care, but I do care. I’m really disappointed in myself and frustrated too.

I’m having such trouble getting into a routine, making the care of myself and my body a priority, and taking control of my eating. My clothes are starting not to fit and I know I won’t be able to wear any of the cure summer stuff I bought in San Diego at this rate. I’m officially signed up for the marathon. Paid in full, no turning back now. I thought I’d be excited but I don’t really know how I’m going to be able to get my act together to make this happen.

Marathon Registration

I’ve tried a lot of things to get back on track and nothing has “stuck” and helped me stay on track.

  • Calorie Counting – It’s a necessary evil when you carry the “fat gene”, but it was too much for me to measure and type in my ingredients for everything I made and ate every meal everyday.
  • Scheduling Workouts – My work schedule is different every day so I never know if I’ll get off in time to make it to the gym or not. Plus it’s finally nice out and the last thing I want to be doing is sweating my butt of running in my neighborhood or stuck inside the gym. It’s just not as convenient to workout as it was when knew I’d work 9-5 everyday.
  • Setting New Goals10 in 10? Forget about it. I’m already two weeks behind and now I need to lose 15. Great.
  • Eating More – I thought that I pushed myself too hard with my 35 workout goal, so I decided to eat more this time. Well, it backfired. Now I’m eating big meals and snacking all day because I’m sitting in front of a computer when I work. When I’m home, there’s no meal schedule and I could snack all day long.

With that off my chest, I guess I see a few things I can try:

  • Cutting Out Sugar – I eat way too many sweets. Waaay too many. It’s hard for me to not eat any at all because I go through withdrawal every time I quit cold turkey. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • Detailing Out Meal Plans AgainThis is what I did all winter to lose weight. I knew how many calories were in each dish I’d make for the week before I even bought the groceries to make them. it was time consuming, but I’m working part time now. I should have the time.
  • Pre Cooking and Pre Packing Meals – It’s so easy to work 6 hours instead of 4, find 3 errands to run, and then throw a frozen pizza in the oven because it got too late and I got too tired to make dinner. Even sticking to simpler meals, there’s really no reason I can’t have a fridge full of prepackaged homemade meals.

I know these will get me back on track again, but I don’t know if I feel motivated or have the willpower to choose this lifestyle right now. What do you do wen you’re feeling unmotivated? Honestly, looking for some advice here!

Switching It Up (No, Not My Job)

It’s days like today that I wonder how I ever did it all when I worked full time. Holy cow things were busy! I had to bring my car in to get a nail taken out of one of my tires and a patch applied, I finished the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, took out all the trash in the house,got groceries, made a scrumptious dinner, and even worked for a couple hours. Whew!

The scrumptious dinner was a recipe I made up. Meatloaf marinara, herb roasted red potatoes, and green beans. All this for 434 calories! Yes!

Meatloaf marinara, herb roasted red potatoes, green beans.

Meatloaf marinara, herb roasted red potatoes, green beans.

This morning I had my typical cereal for breakfast and sandwich for lunch. For a snack, I had an Annie’s White Cheddar Single Serving Macaroni and Cheese cup. Even after all that, and subtracting 100 calories for overeating yesterday, I still had enough calories left over (with 4 to spare!) to eat the rest of my flurry from last night. I am full full right now. It’s so satisfying to lose weight at a slower pace. I’m eating more, working out regularly, and getting plenty of sleep. I highly recommend it!

This morning, I got in a good workout at the gym. All week I had been planning on going to the gym today because it was supposed to rain all day. The rain had passed by the time I made it out of the car shop and I could’ve ran outside, but I decided the gym would be a good break from my normal neighborhood run. After a 1/4 mile walking warm up, I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. 3/4 of a mile at 7 mph, then next 1/4 mile at 8 mph. And repeat. It was faster than I would have challenged myself to outside and it was really hard, but I’m glad I did it!

While I was at the gym, I wanted to do a few things that I couldn’t do at home. So after my run I spent 15 minutes on the stair machine. That’s about when I realized how out shape I had gotten in my month or so of slacking. I’ll get there! Next was weights, I did a few leg machines, really focusing on slow movements. A few minutes of abs and my workout was complete. All together, I burned 440 calories (net) in my hour at the gym today. I’m glad I moved my workout indoors today. It was a nice change in routine!

Anyone else move their workout indoors today? How’d it go?

Small for Small

On my way home from work this evening, I was getting really hungry. I started day dreaming about Junior Mints and wondering how many calories were in them (11 calories in each mint, btw). I knew that the plan for this evening, when my husband got home from work, was to go to our local ice cream walk up and get some quality soft serve. Dairy Belle opened just yesterday and we had been anxious to have some all winter, even despite the crazy cold weather and snow. I happened to eat a late breakfast today, about 10:30 so I knew I could save up some extra calories so that I could have a treat too. I ended up having 711 calories left after breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Plenty for a little ice cream treat!

Giant M&M Flurry

Giant M&M Flurry

I ordered a medium not remembering how huge their portions were. I should have known that if I want to be small, I need to order small!  It took a great deal of self control, but I only ate 2/3rds of it. I put the rest in the freezer for later. I’m guessing I probably ate about 900 calories of flurry. So I’m going to cut 100 calories out tomorrow and Friday to make up the difference. That’s the best part of watching a weekly calorie deficit, there’s plenty of room for error and flexibility. I’m only weighing myself once a week, so why stress about the everyday?

My workout today went well, I laid in bed reading through Facebook too long this morning and only had time to run 3 miles. It was a good three miles though. I feel better every time I run now! The whole asthma, running slow, having no endurance thing must have just been because I wasn’t used to running outside after all these months of gross weather! I ran at a “pushing myself” pace for over 2.5 miles. I did stop and walk but only for .1 miles, then ran the rest of the way home. My overall time was 27:54 with an average pace of 9:17 per mile. Way better than Monday! I didn’t have any knee pain today either, but some occasional pain in my ankle/foot. I think it’s my shoes. I know they need replacing soon. I’ve had then for 6 months now, I’d guess just over 300 miles on them. Regardless, it felt great to get a good easy run in.

How are you adjusting to outdoor running? Anyone else getting some good mileage in with this nicer weather?

A Running Start!

I started my new weight loss challenge (if that’s what you’d like to call it) on Sunday and so far, so great! The weather was absolutely gorgeous Sunday afternoon – 60’s and sunny! – so I decided to get a long run in. I went to the trail my running group meets at on Saturdays (the gazebo on Kennedy under the Ridge Rd. overpass in downtown Highland. We’ll be meeting there again soon if your local and would like to join us) because I knew exactly what a 6 mile out and back would look like. I’ve probably run more 6 mile out and backs on that stretch of trail than anywhere else. I was excited for something normal. I started off slow and was feeling really great until about halfway through mile 4. Luckily I ran into (pun intended) a friend on the trail and he kept me going until I was almost finished. He’s training for the Kentucky Derby Marathon and was doing his 20 miler! I finished my 6 at a pretty decent time – 57:49 overall with an average 9:38 pace. I’m really happy with that especially since it was my longest run off the treadmill since November! No, I’m not counting the Polar Dash. That was more like puddle jumping than running!

I went 83 calories over my allowance because we went to my husband’s grandparents’ house for lunch to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. Basically, I learned that I can’t have both cake and ice cream. It’s one or the other. I think there could be worse things. Yesterday (Monday) I did really well. I had a meeting, squeezed in a 3 mile run, worked 5 hours, made dinner, then relaxed with my mom in her hot tub. The run was awful. My knee was locking up and I didn’t want to injure it so I had to walk a lot. It took me 30 minutes, 41 seconds with an average pace of 10:15 per mile. Not my best easy run. On the brightside, I got way too hot in my long sleeve shirt and had to take it off. i was running in capri’s and a short sleeve shirt! I thought the day would never come!

My eating was right on target. I had Kashi cereal and Almond Milk for breakfast, a banana after my run, a hearty sandwich for lunch, some strawberries on my way home from work, buffalo chicken pizza and a salad for dinner, a small glass of wine in the hot tub, and a few chips and a piece of dark chocolate for an evening snack. I ate when I was hungry, got in a lot of veggies and fruits, and didn’t fuss too much about fancy recipes – just simply counted my calories.

Today I took a break from running for the sake of my knee. I still ate well. cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch like yesterday. I had half of a Larabar for a snack this afternoon, and a chicken tortellini alfredo thing I threw together for dinner. I actually still have almost 500 calories left for today!

All together this week, I’m at a 1,374 calorie deficit. I still have a couple more workouts to go, and 4 more days of well portioned eating left. It’s been a good start though!

10 in 10, obo.

After a I hit a little emotional rough patch the other night, I started to feel more ambitious. Why can’t I be strong, passionate, determined and also be affectionate, emotional, and patient? No matter how it comes out, it’s all still me! So on this uplifting note, despite all of the changes, and financial stresses in my life right now, I’m going to be working toward a new goal.

The whole point of me starting this blog was to capture a 7 week, 35 workout commitment to losing 12 lbs before our San Diego vacation (Recap 1, 2, 3, and 4.). I was doing really well the first 4 weeks and then totally crashed and burned. It was just too much! The calorie restraint was tough to stick to. I could have up to 1500 calories a day but often ate more like 1300. I was working out for over an hour at least 5 days a week, burning 300-800 calories per workout. I lost 8 lbs and gained about 2 back after vacation. I’m still happy with my size, but I know that it couldn’t hurt to try to lose the last bit of weight before I begin official marathon training in June. It’ll be better on my joints and I know I won’t be able to lose weight during training. So now’s the time!

This time around will be less intense. I’m thinking 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Losing 1 lb a week means a 3,500 calorie per week deficit. I’ll plan to burn some of it off -1,650 calories a week – working out. That’s factors out to be 330 calories per workout if I exercise 5 days a week, about 413 calories if I workout 4 days a week, or 550 calories if I work out 3 days a week. It overall seems a lot more manageable this way. I won’t need to take an hour long cycling class, then run 2.5 miles, and so 30 minutes of weights to burn enough calories. (What was I thinking??). I can run 3-5 miles or take an hour long class and lift weights. Sounds good to me!

According to some fancy math magic (that I’ll share soon), I can eat 2070 calories per day and maintain my current weight. To take off another 1,850 calories per week I’ll need to cut my calorie intake by 265 calories per day. I’ll be able to eat 1,805 calories a day and I will eat all of my calories this time! This may be tricky because of our budget limitations and my new way of preparing food, but I’m planning to use a new weight tracking app to track my calories. In the past, I’d make all of my meals for the week in one night and package up 300-350 calories portions to reheat for meals. I’ve never tried losing weight apart from that system, so this will be a new challenge (or maybe not!) for me.

In the end, I don’t care quite so much about the actual pounds I lose. As good as it sounds to finally get to my goal weight, I just really want to be in good health and at my best before I begin training for the marathon. Preventing injury, fatigue, all that good stuff. Stay tuned, things are about to get interesting!


I don’t know if I can accurately type out how excited I am! Guys, I lost another 3 lbs this week!! I was planning on sharing my weight on here, but – 159. I am finally out of the 160’s and I couldn’t be happier! All of the hard work and dedication has really paid off. I have 4 more weeks of working out and only 4 pounds to lose. This is totally doable. And honestly, if I stay on track, I bet I could lose more. I’d love to hover around 155 at all times so if I could get a couple lbs below that, I’d have some wiggle room as I work on maintenance.

As I’m writing this, I realize I sound a little scale-obsessed. Maybe, right now, just in this season, I am. But I also want to make it clear that I’m not solely concerned with a number on the scale, but also with my strength and endurance, my tone and shape, the health of my body, and my attitude and self-esteem. All of which have made a complete turn around in just a few short weeks. I never realized three weeks ago just how lazy my eating habits had become, how weak I had gotten, how unfocused my running became, and how negative my attitude was. This 7 week commitment has changed me for the better. I know I won’t always be concerned about the numbers, but for now I am and it’s working wonders in my life.

Today, my husband and I joined with our running group and instead of running (slick streets, a foot of snow, lots of wind, freezing temperatures), we spent an hour together stretching and doing yoga. We actually just followed a video, Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior I’m guessing. I do yoga about once a month or so usually and I was shocked at how much stronger I was than the last time I did yoga! (December maybe?) I was able to take on some of the intermediate poses and didn’t feel like I was gonna die, although I still have such trouble with my balance! At the end, like in most yoga classes, there was a minute or two to just lay and meditate. I always use that time to pray. Today I thanked God for the ability and desire to take care of my body and for giving me the kind of personality that loves a challenge and wants to become better. I think of so many people who can’t get healthy for medical reasons or those who struggle with it for reasons out of their control and I am just so grateful that I get to push my body and make it stronger and even that we have the money and time to eat well. Such a huge blessing!

How was your week in workouts?