An Ode to Spring Wind.

I hate wind.

I hate it on a cold day.

I hate it in sunny May.

hate it in my face.

It messes up my pace.

I hate it on hill.

I hate it like a dentist’s drill.

So very many miles per hour.

Takes away this runner’s power.

I think you should go away.

Don’t ever again come out to play!


Dr. Seuss got nothing on me!

20mph winds are no joke. This is now my second run in a row with really strong winds. I know it’s making me stronger in the end, but it messes up all of my running plans! Tuesday was supposed to be an easy 4 miles, and it was a hard 4 miles. Today was supposed to be a hard 3 miles and it was super hard!

Before I jump into my run today, I should mention my sister’s run! Despite a nasty cold, she still ran with me today! I am so proud of her for sticking to it, come snow or sickness. Today I mentioned signing up for a 5k in mid June. She was a little skeptical, but I know she’ll be able to do it. Don’t worry, I’ll convince her to run a 5k sooner or later.

Back to my run. Today I had a hard 3 miler scheduled. After I ran with my sister, I got back on the trail and set up an interval run on my Run Keeper app. I actually just used the same workout I’ve been running with my sister but set it to repeat continuously.

2014-04-25 02.48.24



Here’s the breakdown:

Mile 1 – Yay! This is fun! I feel so good and warmed up after a short easy run with my sister! It’s warm out! Going downhill! Yippee!

Mile 2 – I am going to die. The wind is going to blow me off the trail, into the golf course and I’m going to run over by a golf cart. What is this hill? I hate hills. It’s cold out now. It’s cold and I’m running as fast as I can, uphill, into a 20 mph wind gust. Why would I even do that??

Mile 3 – Alright, suck it up. Almost done. Just get this over with.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to summer. To warm, and less wind, and sunshine. I don’t mind speedwork, but enough of this wind already! Come on summer! I need you!