Well, That Was Dumb.

You wanna know what’s a really bad idea? Running 3 miles of ┬áintervals in the sun, in nearly 80 degree heat after completing 30 minutes of weights at the gym. That’s what’s a really bad idea. I literally crawled up my front steps. I’m not sure whether I should be worried that none of my neighbors seemed concerned…

Sweaty mess after my harsh run.

Sweaty mess after my harsh run.

Here’s how the crazy unfolded – My gym is 3 miles from my house. I thought “I need to run and do weights today. I’ll run to the gym, do weights, then run home!” Then I thought “That’s 6 miles. That’s crazy.” So I had my husband drop me off at the gym on his way into work this morning so I would only have to run home. It seemed like a good idea.

I did several leg machines first so they’d have a chance to rest before I ran home. Then I did 5 minutes on the stair machine (for my butt), and several arm machines. It was really hot at the gym and really crowded too, so I decided to leave and do abs at home. When I first started off, I could just tell I felt really slow. My Run Keeper app wasn’t even running for the first quarter of a mile. I had a bad feeling about this from the very beginning. I set out to do 3 miles of 2 minutes “slow” (about 10 min per mile pacing) followed by 1 minutes of “fast” running (about 8:30 pacing). By my fourth “slow” interval, I was walking. By my sixth “fast” interval I was walking those too. Then there was that whole collapse-on-the-front-steps-and-crawl-to-the-door episode.

Whomp. Whomp.

Whomp. Whomp.

What was I thinking?? Seriously. That was miserable. ┬áI even had one “fast” interval that was a 17:16 pace. Ha!

I will never again do speedwork after weights.

I did do abs at home at least. And that wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Have you ever made a bad workout decision?