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A Week in Review

Another crazy week is almost in the books. I fell off the weight loss bandwagon. I just couldn’t get it together. I’m not gonna beat myself up about it though. Just going to brush myself off and try again next week. I haven’t had time to sit and write all week, but I’ve had a few highlights in my head all week just waiting to share with you:

1. I lost a pound last week! I ran a few days, did some weights one afternoon, ate reasonably and lost one pound. It is possible and doable!

2. I set a new 6 mile PR! I ran 6 miles on Saturday afternoon, and finished in 56 minutes, 6 seconds. And check out those splits! Nearly perfection. (I started out a little fast, caught myself and slowed down my second mile.) My average pace was 9:21 and I didn’t have any breathing problems. I’m cautiously optimistic that this season will be my fastest training season.


3. Sunday was a great night of relaxing. I received both of my magazines on Saturday, so Sunday I watched a little Lord of the Rings with my husband, read my magazines, and enjoyed a little dark chocolate. It was a nice night home.

2014-04-06 22.11.30

4. I started my new new job. And I love it. It’s a low key office and even thought I’m new I feel that my contributions to the team are valued. I’m part time and my schedule is perfect. I work Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, All day Wednesday, I’m off Thursdays, and then I open on Fridays so I get to be home very on time on Friday afternoons. I should have plenty of time to take care of myself and things around the house. All around great so far!

5. I got sick again. Every time I start a new job I get a cold. I started my other new job just 6 weeks ago, so this is the second time I’ve been sick in 6 weeks. It’s just a head cold, but I have absolutely no energy. It can be really tough to feel wiped out when you’re in the middle of adjusting to a new routine. I’ve coped by letting the house be a mess, eating whatever’s convenient for meals, and resting a lot. Hopefully I’ll feel better by the end of the weekend!

How has your week been? Anything eventful?