Happy Monday! (For real.)

I feel like I don’t have a lot of time to post… my husband’s on his way home and dinner’s in the oven (yes, at 10pm). But I got my butt in gear today and I’m so proud I must share!

6:30am: 2.5 mile run. Absolutely awful. My legs were dead weight. I forgot to stretch after my fantastic and fast 5 mile (say that 5 times fast…) run Saturday morning. Then we walked around Lincoln Park Zoo, and to the beach. I have pictures of that. It was fun. Maybe I’ll share later this week.

7:30am: Quickly showered, ate cereal for breakfast and got ready for work.

9:00am: Worked an easy 4 hour shift. Had a protein bar at some point.

1:00pm: Got groceries at Meijer where half of my grocery list just happened to be on sale! Buy 10 for $10 and 11th item is free! (Mushrooms, peppers, Larabars, Annie’s organic mac and cheese, bagged lettuce, low sodium black beans, Greek yogurt, and canned salsa verde ┬áin case you were wondering)

1:30pm: Picked up Domino’s pizza to stash in the freezer because I had a 50% off everything coupon. A few times a year, the owner passes them out to local businesses to use for lunch hours only. I had 2 pieces of the Pacific Veggie pan pizza while out running errands.

2:00pm: Household essentials shopping at Walmart. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant. You know, the fun stuff.

2:30pm: More grocery shopping at Aldi. Finished off my list there. I only spent $90 for all of our groceries for the week and a lot of that is snack food that will last another 2 weeks!

3:00pm: Unpacked everything, cleaned out the fridge. Sprayed the ants that had gotten into the house. Watered flowers. Took a little break.

5:00pm: Cleaned, chopped and packed most of my fruits and veggies for the week. I’m cooking dinners, having salads for lunch, and snacking on fruit instead of candy this week. No excuses now! (Follow me on Facebook to see the “before” picture and get other between-post updates!)


6:30pm: Prepped BBQ Bacon Meatloaf for dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen.

8:00pm: Yoga! Holey Moley am I out of yoga-shape. Fun story – A couple old guys came into the class 40 minutes late and starting chatting about how they were boys so they couldn’t do some of the stretches. I asked them to stop talking, please. To which one responded “I’ll stop talking if you stop talking.” Yes, they were correct. They are boys. Hilarious.

9:00pm: Put dinner in the oven and wrote a bog post.

On top of all that, I did some dishes, and did 3 loads of laundry. Granted, none of it’s put away. That’ll be tomorrow’s task. It feels so great to have some energy and motivation back!

How was your Monday?