Leanne Guerrero

For The Ladies

I have a soft spot for women who run. A lot of us began to lose weight, but most soon find out that running changes us. Makes us strong, joy filled, positive, confident, and just love ourselves more. The power of running in a woman’s life can be life altering. Most of you know my story and know how I overcame depression by running. It’s still helping me combat my ADD and anxiety issues. I’m a different person today because I run. While I’ll admit that I haven’t read the last 6 issues of Runner’s World that have come to my door, I do follow the magazine on Facebook. Today, they shared stories of two women runners that I can really look up to. I thought you might enjoy the articles too:

Kathrine Switzer Launches Race Series

This first article is about a great global cause for women in running founded by Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. She’s using her influence to promote women running all over the world now. I hope this race series makes it’s way to Chicago. I’m so in!

Kathrine Switzer runs the 1967 Boston Marathon and is attacked by a race official. Photo from Runner’s World.

Running in Prison

This is an amazing story of life change. I was so inspired by Leanne Guerrero! It makes me wonder why there isn’t and if there could be more programs like this in prison. I don’t want to give all the details away, you’ll need to check it out for yourself. This is a must read!

Leanne Guerrero and family. Photo from Runner’s World.