El Prado

Vacation Recap Part 3

Monday, our last day in San Diego. I was hoping to get a run in when I woke up, but I was seriously tired and a little bit sleep deprived/jet lagged still. The weather was a perfect 7 and sunny so we decided to take advantage by spending our day in Balboa Park. I had actually only been to Balboa at night so it was new experience for both me and my husband. After we found parking we gravitated toward the Bea Evenson Fountain. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw I fountain with running water. It was beautiful. A turn to our right and we were looking down El Prado. My husband said it reminded him of Disney World, so here he is giving me his best Disney pose:

El Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego

El Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego

After that, we tried to take a selfie with my fancy pants camera, and for the first and only time on our vacation, someone offered to take our picture for us! So we  have one nice picture of us without giant arms.


I immediately went into professional – amateur photographer mode after this. There was so many pretty buildings and parks! We walked down El Prado, through the Palm Canyon, around to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion, then spent some time by the Lily Pond. Here are a few of my favorite shots (Please don’t judge, I just got my DSLR 6 weeks ago):


Casa del Prado, Balboa Park, San Diego


Massive tree roots in the Palm Canyon Garden.


Written on a fallen palm tree. Only in California…


Lots of little fish in the Lily Pond (no lilies yet though!)


I couldn’t resist feeling the grass under my bare feet!

After a quick picnic lunch in the sunshine, we headed to the Botanic Garden building. There was so many gorgeous flowers and trees. I took tons more pictures:


Palm branches against the “ceiling”.


Tulips! We won’t see those here for another 2 months!


No idea what this is, but the veining and texture of the leaves was so interesting.


Little puddle of water in the middle of this plant.

Last stop was the Spanish Village Art Center. It’s home to 37 working studios/art galleries. It was really just a neat place to walk through and marvel at the creativity of others. We saw a kaliedescope made of flowers. You turned the planter and the shapes that moved in the view finder were the flowers! And the stone walkways were painted all sorts of bright colors. I was already told I was not allowed to do this in our backyard when we (eventually) put a patio in. Bummer. There was live music too. Just a really neat place.


A sweet entrance to a jewelry studio.


Flower kaleidoscope!


Painted walkways. Probably even prettier with the twinkle lights on at night!

I’s so glad we decided to explore Balboa Park. It was a relaxing, refreshing day. I was hoping I’d squeeze in the other events from our day, but since we did so much on our last day, I don’t think I can adequately tell the tale of our finale evening. I hate to break my promises, but it looks like the Grande Finale will have to wait one more day. I will promise, however, that once these vacation wrap ups are finished, I’ll be back to my normal posting content. I’m getting into a new routine so things could get interesting!