Monday Meal Plan 7/14

Can you believe it’s already the middle of July?? This summer is flying by! I sat my butt (which is getting more and more toned every day, hooray!) on the couch most of the weekend and happily wasted it… At least it was raining and cloudy all day Saturday. I got a few good naps in too, and planned out all of our meals for the week. Here’s what’s on the menu:


Avocado, Chopped Hardboiled Egg and Mozzerella on Toast, with a Banana

On Rest Days – Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake

(Sorry, I don’t have recipes for either of these, I’m kinda just throwing some things together and hoping for the best. I’ll add recipes later this week if they turn out well and I remember!)



Dinner leftovers and…

Avocado and Apple Chicken Salad over Spring Mix Greens (I never made this last week…)



Polenta with Roasted Red Peppers and Fontina (and I’m adding crumbled Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage to the skillet mix)


Biggest Loser’s Sexy Joe’s on a Whole Wheat Bun with Cauli-Tots (I’m making 6 servings out of the Sexy Joe Filling)

Avocado Chicken Parmigiana with Steamed Green Beans and Carrots


All of these meals are about 330 calories each. 3 meals a day at 330 calories each = 990 calories, plus a 240 calorie afternoon snack, and a 200 calorie dessert each day, brings me my goal total of 1430 calories per day. Just like last week, I also planned my carbs around my runs. I’m excited to give this diet plan a real chance this week since it’s a more “normal” week for me.

What’s on your meal plan this week?


Monday Meal Plan

Mondays are my easy run days. I think the longest run I have on a Monday during my marathon training is just 5 miles. Just 5 miles. Who would’ve ever thought I’d be saying 5 miles was just 5 miles!? Anyways, I digress. I figured since I had easy runs on Mondays, and a pretty predictable day of watching my niece and maybe going to yoga at night, I’d dedicate my Monday posts to my weekly meal plans. I’m always looking for new good recipes, maybe some of you are too? If I’m going through this much work to put together my recipes for the week, I may as well share! So….


Ham and egg English muffins (homemade – cross your fingers!), with fresh pineapple

Whole Wheat English Muffins

On rest days – hardboiled eggs with fruit (banana, strawberries, cherries)

Lunch :

Dinner leftovers and…

Avocado and Apple Chicken Salad

Avocado and Apple Chicken Salad


Baja Style Turkey Tacos on homemade Corn Tortillas

Baja Turkey Tacos

Homemade Corn Tortillas


Thai Chicken Curry with steamed broccoli and brown rice/or steamed carrots and cauliflower for lunch leftovers

Thai Chicken Curry


BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato and green beans

BBQ Bacon Burger

Meat stir fry with veggies – This is my “just it case” meal and will be whatever’s left in the fridge at the end of the week!


There are also snacks and desserts in there too. We have standard inexpensive snacks that we keep in the house and a Kitchen Safe full of fun sized chocolates for desserts. But that’s all another story for another day. What’s on your menu this week?

A Good Start

Someone needs to go back to Kindergarten for calendar time… Yesterday I announced that in exactly 7 months I’d be running my first full marathon. In exactly 7 months, I’ll actually be at my sister’s wedding. Whoops! Equally as exciting, but not the same thing. The 2014 Chicago Marathon is actually on October 12, making it less than 7 months away! Okay, that’s still a ways away, but I’m sure time will fly (whether I’m having fun or not).

Today I felt pretty motivated about my workout. I had a great day at work and when I got out, it was a lot warmer out than I expected it be. I hadn’t really planned any workout per se, I just wanted to do something. There’s no avoiding it now, I’ve gotta stay in shape! I decided to keep it simple and go for a run in the ‘hood. (AKA South Hammond). You can imagine my excitement when I realized that there was no more snow on the sidewalks! I took off fast and kept on going. If weren’t for a midrun phone call, my pace would have been just over 9 minutes per mile. I ran 3.15 miles total in 30 minutes on the dot. Not too shabby! Especially since I was once again experiencing asthma-like symptoms.

This afternoon, I wanted to experiment a bit to see when I start having symptoms and if anything lessens them. I’m going to try tracking this for a few weeks before going to a doctor because I’d rather not be on meds or have to use an inhaler. I’m also planning on doing some research on breathing and lung expanding exercises. With the popularity of natural medicine, there’s got to be something I can do without meds right?

Back to my workout, after my run I popped in a Pilates DVD I’ve had forever and did the 10 minute arm toning portion. Big problem. I’m totally inflexible and I my hand weights aren’t heavy enough anymore. So I guess that’s one little problem, and one good problem. I didn’t feel like it was that great of an arm workout, so I’ll be scouring Pinterest soon to find some 10-20 minute weight sessions. And I’ll be investing in some 5 lb hand weights.

My eating has been sort of okay lately. I haven’t been worrying about calories too much, just really watching my portions. I still have a major sweet tooth I need to deal with. But with training for a new job and an extra little side project in the works, I don’t really have the mental strength to focus on my sugar intake. I’ll get back there eventually.  Yesterday, I made a turkey breast in the Crockpot, roasted red potatoes, and a side salad for dinner. I even made my own dressing. It was delicious! Tonight’s dinner was “tacos”. I feel like tacos aren’t really tacos when you add beans and veggies to them, but my Mexican husband assures me that they can still be considered tacos. So we used flour tortillas, and added refried beans, taco meat (with my own seasonings instead of the packet), sauteed zucchini and corn, shredded cheese, Greek yogurt (in place of sour cream), and medium taco sauce. I had two. Since I only had a bowl of cereal with almond milk for breakfast, and a banana with a blueberry muffin Larabar for lunch, I think my dinner was just right.

2014-03-17 19.33.33

I realize this may look fairly unappetizing, but I promise, it was fantastic!

All in all, a good start to the week! What meals do you have planned this week? Any suggestions for my asthma symptoms?

Short and (“Sickly”) Sweet

I had a whole bunch of thoughts and even a weekly meal plan I wanted to share this week, but I have a head cold so bad that I can’t really think straight. I actually drove myself to Walgreens to get Gatorade today and forgot what I was there for when I got there. I spent a few minutes wandering the store and eventually got my Gatorade. And two bags of Jellybeans… So please forgive me for the lack of content this week.

I don’t have much energy to type out our meal plan this week (it’s a lot of linking and picture loading), but I’ve made a couple meals that were so good I have to share. For breakfast, I made this AMAZING baked oatmeal from Family Fresh Cooking:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Backed Oatmeal from Family Fresh Cooking

The oatmeal is actually peanut butter flavored and it’s the best baked oatmeal I’ve ever made. No joke. I will note that I used only 2 cups of almond milk. I also omitted the Uncle Sam cereal but used 4 cups of oatmeal. I used honey instead of Stevia too. Even the whipped cream I was totally skeptical about was incredible. I’m going to make this quite often and try it with some different toppings. I’m thinking a s’mores version, apple cinnamon, banana walnut… What really doesn’t go well with peanut butter!?

Another recipe that turned out really well was a baked potato soup from Skinnytaste. When I made this last night, I thought its seemed a little bland. I threw in some garlic salt and it tasted great when I had it for lunch today with some Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar and crumbled bacon. It was cheap and easy to make so I’m sure I’ll be making this again soon!

Baked Potato Soup from Skinnytaste

Another thing I didn’t have energy for today was exercise. The weather is finally warming up so I wanted to go for a longer run today, but there was just no way that was going to happen. The ability to breathe is pretty essential to being able to run. Luckily, I was able to get in a short-ish run on Tuesday. It was 25 and sunny so it felt a little like 30. Which still isn’t warm, but it’s warmer than the typical 5-10 degree highs we’ve been living with since Thanksgiving. Since the sun was higher and everything was melting, it really felt like spring. I got in 3.5 miles in my neighborhood, dodging cars and puddles since the sidewalks were still covered in a foot or more of snow in some areas. My pace was 9 minutes, 40 seconds per mile. Not bad for my first “home” run in months.

After I got done running, I made myself a little salad using a couple chicken wings that were leftover from dinner Sunday night, spring mix greens, matchstick carrots, a chopped cipollini onion, some diced avocado, sliced almonds, and a little bit of ranch. I know ranch and wings weren’t my very best options, but if I’m going to have something not so great for me, at least it was in a salad!

Post Winter Run Salad

Post Winter Run Salad

That’s about all the updating I’ve got in me tonight. It’s time for a little more Airborne and Gatorade. Anyone else getting anxious for Spring!?


Today I’m feeling really burned out on the cooking thing. Normally we make all of our food for the week in one night, but because of a busy Saturday, I didn’t get groceries ’til Sunday, and then my husband was gone all day and I was too tired to cook. Yesterday we tried to put a dent in our cooking to do list and failed. We didn’t start until 8pm after I got home from the gym and reconciled our finances. I made one dinner, my husband made his breakfast and lunch. No dishes were washed. So today, when I go to try to make pizza and tuna burgers, there is no clean anything, no clean counter space, and to top it off, I almost set the kitchen on fire. (Grease in oven is bad.) I still haven’t made the burgers (although I’ve made the fries – we have a basement oven).  Days like this I just want to pick up some Taco Bell and call it a day, I mean it’s almost 9pm, I got home from the gym 2 hours ago and I still haven’t even showered. Ugh.

Enough complaining. Workouts have been good. I won’t go into too much detail because it’s really all pretty boring (and I’m frankly not in the mood to write right now…) Yesterday I spent a while on the treadmill. About 50 minutes actually. And I completed another treadmill workout from my Pinterest page. This one looked harder than it was, or maybe I’m finally getting stronger? So halfway through my workout I increased the intensity. For the last two reps, I bumped up the speed by 1 mph (and kept the incline the same). It’s supposedly a 500 calorie burning treadmill workout, but that really depends on your size and fitness level. I actually did burned about 500 calories, but that was my net calories burned (you know, minus the 93 calories I would have burned just sitting there doing nothing for an hour instead?) and that was increasing the intensity for almost half the workout. Not sure it’s actually a 500 calorie workout, but it was good!

Treadmill workout from Our Three Peas

Tonight I tried a spin class for the first time. It was different. First off, I didn’t know how to even mount the bike properly, but after  a 10 second crash course from the instructor, I was good to go. It was a little like the treadmill workouts I’ve been doing – a combination of different resistance levels, speeds and postures. I was a little nervous and didn’t want to over do it, but I know next time I could probably set the resistance setting a little higher. My thighs were burning for the first 15 minutes but after that it was really kind of fun. Maybe a little too fun. More challenge for me next time!

Finally, as promised, a picture of my yummy Pacific Veggie Pizza:

Anyone have any tips fore a new “spinner”? Maybe just a word of encouragement for this engine losing it’s steam (me)?


Today is day 1 of my 49 day committment. It’s also the day of my first workout. Even though my plans didn’t work out (pun not intended), it was a good workout. This morning while I was meal planning for new week (more on that tomorrow), I used my LA Fitness App to check my local class times. I wanted to go to Yoga. I hadn’t been to a class in weeks and I love the instructor, Anne. She’s such a good teacher! Apparently I didn’t actually read what time Yoga started because I thought it was at noon and it actually started at 11. I checked the time around 10, and the gym with this particular class is 20 minutes away (my normal LA Fitness if 6 minutes from my house), so I could have made it if I had used my brain. Oh well!

After I finished meal planning, and got dressed, and realized I couldn’t go to yoga, I decided to head to my normal, nearby LA and get in a good run. This winter has been brutal and running outside has been difficult if not impossible. I knew I was going to become best buds with the treadmill so I spent a few minutes the other night Pinning treadmill workouts on my Pinterest board, Fitness. I picked one to run today, and it was way harder than I thought it’d be. I had no clue I’d be so out of shape after only 2 weeks of not running. It was a 5-4-3 workout from Chicago Jogger. I tweaked it a little to add more variation and increase the intensity a bit since I thought I could handle it.

After a 2 minutes walking warm up, I increased the incline to 1% and ran 5 minutes at 6.5, 5 at 6.2, and 5 at 6.0.  Then 4 at 6.5, 6.2, 6.0. And 3 at 6.5, 6.2. And 3 minutes at 6.5, 6.2, and 6.0. That brought me to 38 minutes and I ran the last 2 at 6.5 to finish a full 40 minutes.  I walked for 5 minutes at the end to cool down. I also paused the treadmill and walked twice during my workout. Yep, I’ve got some work to do!

2014-01-04 12.34.14

Note the creeper behind me.

After my run I grabbed a mat a stretched in the “classroom” which was empty because all classes end by noon on Saturdays. I did 49 crunches (sticking with a them here), 49 arm-leg reaches (on hands and knees, reach arm out at the same time as the opposite leg while maintaining a straight back), and a 49 second plank. I have absolutely no core strength. I sit at a desk all day and I have back problems all the time, so I’m working on building that up very slowly.

I felt loads better after working out and stretching. I picked up a couple new pairs of Danskin workout capri’s on the way home, and then had some Thai Basil Meatloaf (it was supposed to be meatballs but I got lazy) with brown rice for lunch. Tomorrow is going to be cooking day for the week and a rest day from working out.

Anyone else get in a good workout today? Have some good treadmill workouts? I’d love to hear!