Crystal Pier

Vacation Recap Part 4 (AKA: The Grand Finale)

Or the Grand Finally. However you choose to read that.

Here we are at the end of my little trip to San Diego. After a long day of walking in Balboa Park (that counts as exercise, right?) we went back to our hotel to put on warmer clothes and wander around Pacific Beach for a while. Don’t feel too bad for us, it wasn’t too cold, just a little chilly (like low 60’s) when the sun started to set each day. When we were walking back from dinner Saturday night we passed this great gourmet ice cream sandwich shop called “The Baked Bear“. It was a cute hipster dessert joint with a reclaimed barnwood wall, white subway tile, and a few industrial touches. Right up my alley.


Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches from The Baked Bear San Diego

They had the most delicious cookies and ice cream sandwiches. It was kind of like the Chipotle or Subway of ice creams sandwiches really. You chose your bottom cookie, your top cookie, and the ice cream you wanted in the middle. They also had waffles, brownies, and cookie bowls. There was even a double decked sandwich option which I’m surprised my husband didn’t order. He’s kind of obsessed with cookies.



My husband got a red velvet cookie, a chocolate chip cookie and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I got an M&M cookie and a funfetti cake cookie with cookie dough ice cream. Calories don’t count on vacation. That’s what I’m sticking with at least.

Sometimes I take really great pictures of inanimate objects.

Sometimes I take really great pictures of inanimate objects.

After enjoying some hipster music and ice cream, we walked to the end of the Crystal Pier. This pier is actually a hotel. There are several cottages right on the pier that can be rented out and lived in. Literally over the ocean. Someday I’d love to stay there. We took a few pictures and head back to the park on the cliff by our hotel that over looked the ocean.


Ocean through a small hole on Crystal Pier


Wide open ocean at the end of Crystal Pier!

We watched the sunset one last time. I was determined to take in all of the warmth I possibly could! I got a few more shots of sunset with my fancy pants camera this time. It just got prettier and prettier the lower the sun fell.

IMG_0329 IMG_0336 IMG_0340

After sunset, we went back to our hotel room to decide on a restaurant for dinner. We ended up going back to the same restaurant we went to on the last night of our Honeymoon a year ago. Po Pazzo in Little Italy was so perfect last time, we knew it was a great dinner, good service, and cozy atmosphere. Guaranteed. I put on the long sheer skirt and another new top I got from Forever 21 on Saturday, did up my hair and makeup too. I felt beautiful. It had been a long time since I pulled a nice outfit together (even had a place to wear a nice outfit for that matter) and feel like I looked as good as I felt.

 Sorry for the poor quality. They were so accommodating and even turned the lights up for us to take a picture!

Sorry for the poor quality. They were so accommodating and even turned the lights up for us to take a picture!

Back at the hotel, we packed and hit the hay early because we had an early flight out. (I thought I’d have to work Wednesday and wanted to be home on Tuesday! Go figure!) Getting to the airport went a lot smoother than getting out of the airport Friday night, thank goodness. Our flight was very on time and I felt like we hardly had to wait at all at our terminal. The flight home was awesome. We had the best crew of flight attendants I’ve ever had on a flight. They were making all kinds of jokes and even complimented my Ironman shirt. When we took off from San Diego, the last thing they said was “Good -bye sun”. Arriving in Chicago they announced “Welcome to Chiberia”. They made the transition home so much more bearable. Props to you Southwest Airlines!

All in all, one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. We were intentional about savoring every minute of it, enjoying all the sunshine and warmth we could possibly wrangle. We didn’t eat super healthy (or super bad either, our portions were reasonable), nor did we workout much. That’s okay though. I did all the hard work here at home so I could truly relax and enjoy vacation. And I did. Since this is a fitness blog, I feel I should also mention that while I was still 4 lbs over my goal weight, I didn’t gain a single ounces on vacation. I think the key was enjoying food in moderation, being active when I could be (running the morning I wanted to run, walking everywhere), and not stressing about it. 

I guess it’s really back to real life now! Soon, there will be regular posts about regular things. It will be awesome! Stay tuned.