week 1 update

So… I didn’t really start dieting and exercising last week. After the holidays, we didn’t have a ton of money to spend on groceries so we ate the meat and veggies we had in the freezer and ate out several times too. I stopped eating so much candy though, and I tried to avoid snacking. I didn’t get to the gym because I had a cold all week and was feeling really wiped out.

All in all, I’m up a pound.

I was bummed out by that at first and then I remembered to take my measurements too!

The scale lies!

I’m sure is was mostly water weight, but I’ve lost about a half inch in my arms and chest, an inch in my thighs, my hips stayed the same (expected, that’s my problem area), but I lost almost 7 inches in my waist! I measured a few times just to make sure, but I think it’s right! There’s a subtle difference, but I know you all want to see more ugly pics of me so here you have it:



That brings my measurements to… arms – 15.5″, bust – 45.75″, waist – 41.75″, hips – still 51.75″, and thighs – 32.5″.

This week, I’m really hoping to see the scale go down. Monday I started eating almost no- carb and going to the gym again. My goals were just to actually make all the meals I had planned out, not even eat them, just make them! And to get to the gym 4 times. I’ve got one meal left to make and some chicken I want to marinate and freeze for later. And I’ve gone to the gym 2x.

I had mentioned that on my last post that I feel like I start over a lot. I reflected on that this week, trying to figure out why it is that I just can’t stick with a healthy lifestyle – especially when I used to love running and healthy cooking so much. It finally became clear to me after a sermon Sunday about doubt.

I doubt God’s goodness to me. 

I have everything I’ve ever wanted in life – a good job, a husband, not one but two beautiful daughters, a cute house of my own, everyone is healthy – except I don’t have the enjoyment of my physical body. I have health problems now, exercising isn’t enjoyable like it used to be, I can’t wear all my cute clothes, I sweat all the time even just making dinner or getting the kids dressed… basically, I’m just really unhappy with my physical self. But it would be too good to be true if I had the job, husband, house, kids, and body that I wanted, right? I don’t deserve it!

But I KNOW God wants us to have joy in this life. He doesn’t want us morbidly obese, unable to enjoy all the good things he’s given us. He is so good us that he DOES want us to have it all. And even more!

So no more holding back, no more self sabotaging. I don’t deserve it, but I’m going to work for it and trust that God is beyond good to me.


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