gotta start somewhere

It’s been a rough couple months trying to get back to healthy again. Between my SI joint issues, and the busyness of the holidays, it just hasn’t been happening. I knew I just needed to get through the holidays to get back into it. I’m not calling it a resolution, but I am getting serious about my weigh loss efforts. Especially after seeing this:


I took before pics this morning and I’m just SO much bigger than I thought I was. I was in denial. For reference, this was me, before 2 kids, 4 years ago:


And that wasn’t even at my thinest!

Then there was this:


(Note to self: repaint toenails before taking another scale shot.)

I gained so much weight over Christmas and now I’m exactly 100 lbs overweight! And, my fasting blood sugar was in the diabetic range this morning. 110! It should be below 90. If that wasn’t enough, I took my measurements too and my thighs are each bigger than my waist used to be. [arms 16″, bust 46″, waist 46 3/4″, hips 51 3/4″, thighs 33 3/4″]

I’m really trying hard to be motivated instead of discouraged. But this is the heaviest and biggest I’ve ever been outside of my pregnancy. I never in a million years ever dreamed that’d I’d ever let myself get this far from my normal. Which is running marathons, and lifting weights, and cooking all the time.

So I’ve got to buckle down and make it a priority. At least until I get below 200 (“One”derland!). Commit to meal planning, meal prepping, sticking to my diet, exercising 5 days a week, getting enough sleep, drinking tons of water… all the good healthy stuff old Megan used to do.

I feel like I do this a lot. Post a complaining post about how fat I am and how I’ve got to make a change. Half the time I give up a week later. I can’t this time. If you see me around, please ask me how things are going – it helps hold me accountable, and if you notice a difference, I won’t take offense if you mention it. It’ll motivate me even more. I’m going to need all the support I can get!

One more depressing before pic:


Let’s do this.




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