First Weigh In

I weighed myself this morning. I was anxious since I hadn’t stuck with my meal plan 100% and I had pizza and cookies for dinner last night. (Sometimes you’ve gotta indulge!). So I get on the scale and it’s literally the exact same weight as last week when I started. 252. Ugh. Then I remembered that I wasn’t wearing my clothes last time. And I nursed Maisie before weighing myself. So I went and ate my breakfast, fed Emmie, nursed Maisie and headed back to the scale.

First I weighed myself with my clothes on – 259.6. Then without – 254.4.

259.6 – 254.4 = 5.2

252.2 – 5.2 = 247

I lost 5 lbs! And now weigh 247!

I can’t really see a difference on my body yet, maybe a little less bloated, but it’s definitely encouraging and makes me want to work a little harder next week – making it to the gym and trying as hard as I can to stick to my meal plan. Which I should probably go finish!


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