Week One

I’m sitting down to write out my meal plan and grocery list for next week and I thought I’d post an update on my week.

I’ve been to the gym 4 times and plan to go again today! I used to go to Omni which is a 15-20 minute drive from my house. Between driving to the gym, walking from the car to the actual gym (huge parking lot + looooong hallway to the gym entrance), checking kids into childcare, working out, checking kids out and getting them back in the stroller, to the car, and driving home – it was about a 3 hour ordeal! Ain’t no mom got time for that! So we joined the YMCA 5 minutes from our house and now it takes me an hour and a half to get the kids there and into childcare, workout, pick the kids up and get home. It goes so smoothly that I actually want to go! I’ll be going again today as soon as Maisie gets up from her morning nap.

Food wise, it’s been hit or miss. I prep most of our breakfast, lunch, and snack things on Mondays since I’m always totally off work that day. But dinner is really hard even when I choose really simple meals. The kids are really needy around then, Maisie likes an evening snooze and Emmie’s “hungee” (hungry) and bugging me for bananas while I cook. One night we had pizza, but I did make an enchilada casserole Monday and Hoisin Meatballs (from this page) with veggie slaw and soba noodles on Thursday.  I’ve got pesto chicken and homemade breadsticks (using this pizza dough recipe) on the meal plan this week too. I’ll probably push it to next week and make it Sunday night.

This upcoming week will be my first week back at my teaching job – I work Tuesday – Thursday and every other Friday afternoons at an after school care program. I’m hoping that the added structure to my schedule will help me stay on track better. Like, I might be too busy to eat anything other than what I’ve planned for myself? We’ll see!




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