I quit.

Since Emmie was born (4 months ago! How did that happen!?) I’ve been eating a ton of candy. I don’t drink coffee (gross) so I was using sugar to keep me going. It started off with trail mix, then chocolate chips, then M & M’s, Junior Mints, and cookies. Junior Mints are my downfall. I could seriously eat a family sized box a day. I figured out which store had fresher ones, and how to tell if they had gotten smashed and were sticking together or were still perfectly intact in the box. It was bad. And I had gained 15 lbs of the 20 I lost when I first had Emmie. It was taking a toll on my body. I had no energy even when I ate sugar. I just crashed right away. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been not pregnant and it’s taking it’s toll on my feet, knees, and back. I HATE the way I look and feel. Unless I slouch, I have back rolls that make me uncomfortable. I still look like I’m 3 months pregnant. I’ve gained so much in my thighs and butt that even my maternity pants don’t fit. I went up a size to fit my lower half, and avoid the dreaded muffin top, and they fall down all day long because my belly is mush. Something had to change!

Thankful that baby wraps cover a lot of my belly ;)

Thankful that baby wraps cover a lot of my belly 😉

I quit sugar.

It’s been 5 days now and the most sugar I’ve had has been the occasional granola bar (the healthier Kind brand), some Star Wars shaped graham crackers, cereal and almond milk. I started eating salads again – I have a 12 pack of mason jars waiting to be washed so I can pre-package them. And I bought a ton of pre-made grocery items so I could cook dinner. Pre-cooked hard boiled eggs, pre-cooked bacon, pre-cooked chicken strips, pre-sliced fruits and veggies. It costs a little more, but it’s the only way I’ll stick with this.

I’ve only lost a pound so far, but I feel so much better. I have energy again. And it just makes me feel good to know that I’m taking some kind of action even if it’s a baby step.

I’m hoping to clean up my diet little by little now. First was sugary treats, next thing to go will be added sugar, then I’ll get rid of processed food, then hopefully incorporate some calorie tracking, and finally (when I’m done breastfeeeding) I’ll cut back on carbs. Somehow along the way I hope to get back to working out too. I have a total of 49 pounds to lose now to get back to my pre-Emmie weight. I’m guessing it’ll take me at least 9-10 months. But for now I’m just focusing on one day at a time!


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