Small for Small

On my way home from work this evening, I was getting really hungry. I started day dreaming about Junior Mints and wondering how many calories were in them (11 calories in each mint, btw). I knew that the plan for this evening, when my husband got home from work, was to go to our local ice cream walk up and get some quality soft serve. Dairy Belle opened just yesterday and we had been anxious to have some all winter, even despite the crazy cold weather and snow. I happened to eat a late breakfast today, about 10:30 so I knew I could save up some extra calories so that I could have a treat too. I ended up having 711 calories left after breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Plenty for a little ice cream treat!

Giant M&M Flurry

Giant M&M Flurry

I ordered a medium not remembering how huge their portions were. I should have known that if I want to be small, I need to order small!  It took a great deal of self control, but I only ate 2/3rds of it. I put the rest in the freezer for later. I’m guessing I probably ate about 900 calories of flurry. So I’m going to cut 100 calories out tomorrow and Friday to make up the difference. That’s the best part of watching a weekly calorie deficit, there’s plenty of room for error and flexibility. I’m only weighing myself once a week, so why stress about the everyday?

My workout today went well, I laid in bed reading through Facebook too long this morning and only had time to run 3 miles. It was a good three miles though. I feel better every time I run now! The whole asthma, running slow, having no endurance thing must have just been because I wasn’t used to running outside after all these months of gross weather! I ran at a “pushing myself” pace for over 2.5 miles. I did stop and walk but only for .1 miles, then ran the rest of the way home. My overall time was 27:54 with an average pace of 9:17 per mile. Way better than Monday! I didn’t have any knee pain today either, but some occasional pain in my ankle/foot. I think it’s my shoes. I know they need replacing soon. I’ve had then for 6 months now, I’d guess just over 300 miles on them. Regardless, it felt great to get a good easy run in.

How are you adjusting to outdoor running? Anyone else getting some good mileage in with this nicer weather?


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