A Running Start!

I started my new weight loss challenge (if that’s what you’d like to call it) on Sunday and so far, so great! The weather was absolutely gorgeous Sunday afternoon – 60’s and sunny! – so I decided to get a long run in. I went to the trail my running group meets at on Saturdays (the gazebo on Kennedy under the Ridge Rd. overpass in downtown Highland. We’ll be meeting there again soon if your local and would like to join us) because I knew exactly what a 6 mile out and back would look like. I’ve probably run more 6 mile out and backs on that stretch of trail than anywhere else. I was excited for something normal. I started off slow and was feeling really great until about halfway through mile 4. Luckily I ran into (pun intended) a friend on the trail and he kept me going until I was almost finished. He’s training for the Kentucky Derby Marathon and was doing his 20 miler! I finished my 6 at a pretty decent time – 57:49 overall with an average 9:38 pace. I’m really happy with that especially since it was my longest run off the treadmill since November! No, I’m not counting the Polar Dash. That was more like puddle jumping than running!

I went 83 calories over my allowance because we went to my husband’s grandparents’ house for lunch to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. Basically, I learned that I can’t have both cake and ice cream. It’s one or the other. I think there could be worse things. Yesterday (Monday) I did really well. I had a meeting, squeezed in a 3 mile run, worked 5 hours, made dinner, then relaxed with my mom in her hot tub. The run was awful. My knee was locking up and I didn’t want to injure it so I had to walk a lot. It took me 30 minutes, 41 seconds with an average pace of 10:15 per mile. Not my best easy run. On the brightside, I got way too hot in my long sleeve shirt and had to take it off. i was running in capri’s and a short sleeve shirt! I thought the day would never come!

My eating was right on target. I had Kashi cereal and Almond Milk for breakfast, a banana after my run, a hearty sandwich for lunch, some strawberries on my way home from work, buffalo chicken pizza and a salad for dinner, a small glass of wine in the hot tub, and a few chips and a piece of dark chocolate for an evening snack. I ate when I was hungry, got in a lot of veggies and fruits, and didn’t fuss too much about fancy recipes – just simply counted my calories.

Today I took a break from running for the sake of my knee. I still ate well. cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch like yesterday. I had half of a Larabar for a snack this afternoon, and a chicken tortellini alfredo thing I threw together for dinner. I actually still have almost 500 calories left for today!

All together this week, I’m at a 1,374 calorie deficit. I still have a couple more workouts to go, and 4 more days of well portioned eating left. It’s been a good start though!


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