10 in 10, obo.

After a I hit a little emotional rough patch the other night, I started to feel more ambitious. Why can’t I be strong, passionate, determined and also be affectionate, emotional, and patient? No matter how it comes out, it’s all still me! So on this uplifting note, despite all of the changes, and financial stresses in my life right now, I’m going to be working toward a new goal.

The whole point of me starting this blog was to capture a 7 week, 35 workout commitment to losing 12 lbs before our San Diego vacation (Recap 1, 2, 3, and 4.). I was doing really well the first 4 weeks and then totally crashed and burned. It was just too much! The calorie restraint was tough to stick to. I could have up to 1500 calories a day but often ate more like 1300. I was working out for over an hour at least 5 days a week, burning 300-800 calories per workout. I lost 8 lbs and gained about 2 back after vacation. I’m still happy with my size, but I know that it couldn’t hurt to try to lose the last bit of weight before I begin official marathon training in June. It’ll be better on my joints and I know I won’t be able to lose weight during training. So now’s the time!

This time around will be less intense. I’m thinking 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Losing 1 lb a week means a 3,500 calorie per week deficit. I’ll plan to burn some of it off -1,650 calories a week – working out. That’s factors out to be 330 calories per workout if I exercise 5 days a week, about 413 calories if I workout 4 days a week, or 550 calories if I work out 3 days a week. It overall seems a lot more manageable this way. I won’t need to take an hour long cycling class, then run 2.5 miles, and so 30 minutes of weights to burn enough calories. (What was I thinking??). I can run 3-5 miles or take an hour long class and lift weights. Sounds good to me!

According to some fancy math magic (that I’ll share soon), I can eat 2070 calories per day and maintain my current weight. To take off another 1,850 calories per week I’ll need to cut my calorie intake by 265 calories per day. I’ll be able to eat 1,805 calories a day and I will eat all of my calories this time! This may be tricky because of our budget limitations and my new way of preparing food, but I’m planning to use a new weight tracking app to track my calories. In the past, I’d make all of my meals for the week in one night and package up 300-350 calories portions to reheat for meals. I’ve never tried losing weight apart from that system, so this will be a new challenge (or maybe not!) for me.

In the end, I don’t care quite so much about the actual pounds I lose. As good as it sounds to finally get to my goal weight, I just really want to be in good health and at my best before I begin training for the marathon. Preventing injury, fatigue, all that good stuff. Stay tuned, things are about to get interesting!



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