Big News

Exactly 7 months from today, I’m going to be doing something huge. Something monumental. Something I would have never thought I’d do:

(No, I’m not having a baby.)

I’m going to run my first marathon!

After finishing my first half marathon in 2012.

After finishing my first half marathon in 2012.

My husband and I at the 2013 Chicago Half Marathon

My husband and I at the 2013 Chicago Half Marathon

Right now I’m feeling pretty excited about it. I’ve been running for 3 years now. I’ve completed 4 5k’s, a 10k, and 2 half marathons. I’ve been building up to this for a while now, and it’s high time I take the plunge! There are tons of details that I’ll eventually be sharing about here: my training plan and schedule, diet, progress, etc.. For now I just want to share why I decided to do this:

For Me: I love a challenge. I love feeling strong after a lifetime of feeling weak. Running makes me feel good. I want to prove to the doubting part of myself that I really can accomplish something worthwhile.

For Odette: I’ve been supporting this Rwandan girl for almost 8 years. She was only 3 years old when I first “met” her. Her, her family, and countless others in Rwanda and Africa were once without clean water. Walking 3 miles daily to collect dirty river water was normal. Because of people who ran half marathons and marathons to raise money to build wells, Odette no longer has to drink, bath, or wash in unclean water. In fact, no one in her town has to. There are still numerous communities in Africa who don’t have the luxury (if you could even call it that) of a local well for clean water. So many diseases could be prevented, so many more children could be in school instead of walking to a water source, and so many more people will have the chance to hear about Jesus when World Vision comes in to install these wells. I can do something about this!

I’m running for the charity, Team World Vision. My goal is to raise $1,310 for clean water in Africa. That’s $50 for each mile I’ll run (Marathon = 26.2 miles) and it’s also the amount it costs to provide clean water for one person for their lifetime. I know it’s early, but I’m asking that you think and pray about supporting me and Team World Vision by donating here. And if you can’t donate, please pray. Pray for me (my health, my motivation, my sanity), for Odette, for World Vision and the work they do in Africa, and those that will receive the gift of clean water.

Thanks in advance for your support. I know I’ll need it!



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