It’s been a couple busy days. Sorry for the lack of posting!

First, the diet. My less sugary eating plan has been going well and I can see a huge difference. The first day was really rough, I was so tired. My body wasn’t used to being on that little sugar after a few days of overindulging. But now I’m feeling great and I look a lot less bloated. The best part I’ve come to realize is that my desserts get to be especially large because they’re mostly fruit. Yesterday, I had a lot of calories left at the end of the day so I had a 230 calorie dessert.

All that for 230 calories! It was delicious.

Workouts. I am so sick of the treadmill. I’ve been trying to switch things up this week to avoid it. Workout 21 on Monday was 3.5 miles on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the elliptical, and then 10 minutes of abs. Tuesdays workout was 30 minutes of weights and abs, and a treadmill workout that I thought would be easy, but then I went and ran it a little faster than I would have before I started my 35 workout commitment. I ran 4 minutes at 6mph, 3 at 6.5mph, 2 at 7mph and 1 at 7.5mph. And then I repeated that 4 times! I stopped twice for a minute each time, but my normal “comfortable” running pace is around 6.3mph. Still a great workout!

I don’t know how anyone can run this fast!!

Tonight, the plan was to go to cycling. But then Polar Vortex 11 hit (I may be exaggerating slightly, but it snowed AGAIN!), and I didn’t want to drive out to the LA Fitness that has the class at a convenient time. and I didn’t want to go home and have to go back out in this weather to go to a later class at my local LA. And then I saw a picture of Rachel, who won this season’s Biggest Loser last night. I’m sure a lot of you have seen this, but I need to speak to it a minute.

From NBC News

4.5 months ago Rachel was 260 lbs. Yesterday she weighed in at 105. She lost almost 60% of her body weight in 4.5 months. Her height of 5’5″ puts her BMI at 17.5; the lowest end of a “normal” BMI for women is 18.5. I’m not here to judge, just to give my thoughts. I wonder if the same mentality that led her to gain weight, was the same that caused her to lose too much. I’m guilty of this thinking for sure. When I was gaining weight, I overate because I had obsessive compulsive thoughts about food. I had no control over anything in my life, and food made me (temporarily) feel less out of control. Drinking in excess caused me not to care about having control in the midst of my chaos. I have to remember that although I’ve come a long way from that, and I look like it, I’m still the kid of person that has the potential to take things too far. I can take self comfort too far, and I can also take calorie counting and exercising too far. It’s the same thing.

So tonight, being a little burned out on the gym and weather and remembering my potential to obsess, I decided not to go to the gym tonight. It doesn’t mean I’m giving up, it just means I know exercising isn’t my everything. This magic number I’m trying to hit isn’t as important as my mental health. So with that, I’m going to make some popcorn (a little butter, a little salt) snuggle under a blanket and read for a while.

Anyone catch The Biggest Loser last night? What did you think? Do any of you struggle with weight obsessive thoughts? I know I can’t be the only one.


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