Wow! Am I really more than halfway?? Time flies when you’re having fun literally working your butt off! I was planning on doing some kind of halfway check in thing when I got to my halfway point, but technically that was last night. Oops! Time allowing, I’ll give a good recap this weekend. Speaking of time, I’m a little short on it tonight. I did a double today so I just got home and finished dinner about 15 minutes ago. I still haven’t taken a shower. Yuck!

So real quick – I completed the same HIIT the Slopes treadmill workout I tried a few weeks ago when I first began this little challenge. When I first ran this 3 weeks ago, I had to drop the speed down .5 mph and the incline down 1%. Tonight I ran it as written! I stopped a couple times, once because I thought the class I wanted to go to was starting (it wasn’t), another time because the emergency stop tab fell off the machine (don’t you HATE when that happens!?), and a third time because I was running the 5 minutes of 7.5 mph at a 2% inline at the very end and I was kinda starting to have trouble breathing and my legs were getting really tight. I can’t wait for they day when I can run this straight though. It’s the hardest treadmill workout I’ve tried yet, and it would be such an accomplishment to nail it!

From Chaarg

That was my workout 18. 500 calories burned. Workout 19 was a combo of a few things. I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical – I set the cross ramp as high as it would go (20) so it worked every muscle in my legs, and I set the resistance to a moderate 9 (out of 20?).  After that I switched gears and went to the Body Works plus Abs class. I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of this class at my normal LA Fitness, the LA 20 minutes away has a GREAT Body Works class that I feel like works the whole body at a moderate to high intensity level. The class tonight was really just 50 minutes of weights, squats and lunges, and abs. Altogether I think my workout 19 burned about 380 calories.

Tomorrow the plan is a long steady run on the treadmill. I’m not sure how many miles though. I did 8 last week. So 9 this week? 10? 8 again? I just have yoga Saturday morning so I can really make it a good one. What would you do?


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