This week has been busy and a bummer. Forgive me for not posting.

I’ve completely failed at the working things this week. I did yoga on Saturday then had my normal rest day Sunday. I worked out on Monday, but I was just so tired I kept it to a bare minimum. I burned 488 calories running and working out my abs/core. Yesterday, I ditched the gym to bring dinner to my sister’s – sometimes you just need a girl’s night – and pledged to do a double today. I had planned on running about 5 miles, doing some more abs, and then going to the cycling class that’s always starting right as I’m leaving the gym. Well, I have a terrible day at work (yes, again. working on a solution – any suggestions??) and had to stay an extra hour unpaid working on a series of reports for my boss. Fun! I went to the gym, but it was late, and I was burned out and I didn’t even get out of the car. I just started it back up again and drove home. So now I’m two workouts behind and I have plans all day Saturday so I have no idea when I’ll be able to make them up. There are more important things in life though, so if I don’t make my 35 workouts, I won’t make my 35 workouts. I am planning on a double tomorrow for sure though – running and Body Works plus Abs, and then a long run on Friday night again. Maybe I could squeeze in some weights and swimming Saturday evening? We’ll see.

I’m still on track eating wise, and we made a ton of good food for the week in a record 3 hours. I never got a chance to share our meal plan for this week so I thought I’d share that tonight.

Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches (I also added chopped mushrooms to the eggs) and half of an Opal Apple (they don’t turn brown so you can eat half!) – 290 calories

From Undressed Skeletion


BBQ Turkey Burgers (minus the pulled pork) with Baked Sweet Potatoes – 351 calories

From Sunny Side Up

Tortilla Pie with Black Beans and Zucchini (with Greek yogurt and salsa) – 313 calories

From Oh My Veggies

Bobby’s Lighter Tastes like Lasagna Soup with Crostini – 290 calories

From Dean Bros.

I’ve tried them all already this week and they all taste amazing! Any good recipes you’d care to share? Are you staying on top of your workouts this week?


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