I don’t know if I can accurately type out how excited I am! Guys, I lost another 3 lbs this week!! I was planning on sharing my weight on here, but – 159. I am finally out of the 160’s and I couldn’t be happier! All of the hard work and dedication has really paid off. I have 4 more weeks of working out and only 4 pounds to lose. This is totally doable. And honestly, if I stay on track, I bet I could lose more. I’d love to hover around 155 at all times so if I could get a couple lbs below that, I’d have some wiggle room as I work on maintenance.

As I’m writing this, I realize I sound a little scale-obsessed. Maybe, right now, just in this season, I am. But I also want to make it clear that I’m not solely concerned with a number on the scale, but also with my strength and endurance, my tone and shape, the health of my body, and my attitude and self-esteem. All of which have made a complete turn around in just a few short weeks. I never realized three weeks ago just how lazy my eating habits had become, how weak I had gotten, how unfocused my running became, and how negative my attitude was. This 7 week commitment has changed me for the better. I know I won’t always be concerned about the numbers, but for now I am and it’s working wonders in my life.

Today, my husband and I joined with our running group and instead of running (slick streets, a foot of snow, lots of wind, freezing temperatures), we spent an hour together stretching and doing yoga. We actually just followed a video, Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior I’m guessing. I do yoga about once a month or so usually and I was shocked at how much stronger I was than the last time I did yoga! (December maybe?) I was able to take on some of the intermediate poses and didn’t feel like I was gonna die, although I still have such trouble with my balance! At the end, like in most yoga classes, there was a minute or two to just lay and meditate. I always use that time to pray. Today I thanked God for the ability and desire to take care of my body and for giving me the kind of personality that loves a challenge and wants to become better. I think of so many people who can’t get healthy for medical reasons or those who struggle with it for reasons out of their control and I am just so grateful that I get to push my body and make it stronger and even that we have the money and time to eat well. Such a huge blessing!

How was your week in workouts?


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