Nothing fancy tonight, no pictures, nothing too insightful. Just a quick recap of the past couple days of working out. Yesterday I went to Body Works Plus Abs at LA with a friend (finally!). It was a great toning workout and I was pretty sore today. I’m guessing I only burned about 300 calories so I’m counting it as a half workout. The other half of that workout will be yoga and stretching with my running group tomorrow morning (if I wake up on time. Ha!) I figure that will burn another 150 calories or so, so that’s only a half a workout too. After three weeks or tough workouts, I really need to stretch and unwind!

Since running group isn’t actually running tomorrow (it’s just been too cold for too long), I decided to get my long run in tonight at the gym, on the treadmill. 8 miles. It could have been completely miserable (my legs were burning because I didn’t have a rest day yesterday), but a little birdie told me that there’s a place online where I could watch Frozen for free. I pulled up the site on my phone and watched almost the entire movie on my hour and 20 minute run. If I don’t have scenery, at least I had a movie. A good one too! I need to figure out how to load movies onto my phone or something so that I’m not streaming them and using up a ton of data – can you believe LA Fitness doesn’t have wifi?? So that was 868 calories burned tonight too.

My eating has been right on track, although I was hungry last night. All night. Just very hungry. I just ate according to my plan and today I was fine. I think it was because I ran a couple errands after Body Works last night and the gym I had to go to for the class is about 20 minutes away. I didn’t have dinner until 8:15 and it was too late for me. I’m getting a little concerned that maybe the more I workout, the more calories I may need to eat, and I’m not opposed to trying to up my calories by 100-200 a day. It’d mean having larger snacks basically. But I’m still going to continue to eat my 1450-1500 calories a day until I’m hungry all the time, tired all the time (and getting enough sleep), or if I hit a plateau. So we’ll see.

Tomorrow is my official weekly weigh in, so come back to see how I did – I have a feeling I lost a bit this week!

How do you keep yourself occupied on a long run?


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