Today I’m feeling really burned out on the cooking thing. Normally we make all of our food for the week in one night, but because of a busy Saturday, I didn’t get groceries ’til Sunday, and then my husband was gone all day and I was too tired to cook. Yesterday we tried to put a dent in our cooking to do list and failed. We didn’t start until 8pm after I got home from the gym and reconciled our finances. I made one dinner, my husband made his breakfast and lunch. No dishes were washed. So today, when I go to try to make pizza and tuna burgers, there is no clean anything, no clean counter space, and to top it off, I almost set the kitchen on fire. (Grease in oven is bad.) I still haven’t made the burgers (although I’ve made the fries – we have a basement oven).  Days like this I just want to pick up some Taco Bell and call it a day, I mean it’s almost 9pm, I got home from the gym 2 hours ago and I still haven’t even showered. Ugh.

Enough complaining. Workouts have been good. I won’t go into too much detail because it’s really all pretty boring (and I’m frankly not in the mood to write right now…) Yesterday I spent a while on the treadmill. About 50 minutes actually. And I completed another treadmill workout from my Pinterest page. This one looked harder than it was, or maybe I’m finally getting stronger? So halfway through my workout I increased the intensity. For the last two reps, I bumped up the speed by 1 mph (and kept the incline the same). It’s supposedly a 500 calorie burning treadmill workout, but that really depends on your size and fitness level. I actually did burned about 500 calories, but that was my net calories burned (you know, minus the 93 calories I would have burned just sitting there doing nothing for an hour instead?) and that was increasing the intensity for almost half the workout. Not sure it’s actually a 500 calorie workout, but it was good!

Treadmill workout from Our Three Peas

Tonight I tried a spin class for the first time. It was different. First off, I didn’t know how to even mount the bike properly, but after  a 10 second crash course from the instructor, I was good to go. It was a little like the treadmill workouts I’ve been doing – a combination of different resistance levels, speeds and postures. I was a little nervous and didn’t want to over do it, but I know next time I could probably set the resistance setting a little higher. My thighs were burning for the first 15 minutes but after that it was really kind of fun. Maybe a little too fun. More challenge for me next time!

Finally, as promised, a picture of my yummy Pacific Veggie Pizza:

Anyone have any tips fore a new “spinner”? Maybe just a word of encouragement for this engine losing it’s steam (me)?


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