Technically, yesterday, day 8, was my workout 6. It was exhausting and there was no way I was going to write about it last night. More importantly, yesterday was my 1 year anniversary! I spent the whole day with my husband doing things we love to do: running, vising Chicago, eating out, hot tubbing, having pizza and watching a movie on the couch, and eating sweets. It was awesome. I know this blog is really about my fitness efforts, but I do have to say that it’s amazing how a year of marriage can change two people. We are so much better at understanding and loving each other than we were a year ago. It’s been a long year of learning each other. I can honestly say though, that I love my husband WAY more than I did on our wedding day. I’m glad he picked me and glad I married him.

One Year Ago


One Year Anniversary


Back to the topic. As you could probably tell by the description of my day yesterday, there were a lot of unhealthy food choice. Yes, yes there were. It was our anniversary and I wasn’t going to be all calorie obsessed. For breakfast I had a Peanut Butter Cookie ALT Larabar (230 calories). For second breakfast I had the Sante Fe Frittata from Yolk in Chicago. I made a few substitutions – turkey sausage instead of bacon, one cheese instead of three (although they still gave me a ton of cheese), and egg whites instead of whole eggs. I also go wheat toast on the side. I figure the whole meal was about 800 calories and I ate about 3/4 of it. 600 calories isn’t so bad for eating out. I never got hungry for lunch or any snacks. For dinner, we were going to go out but instead ordered a pizza and bought Peter Pan (trying to stock up on our Disney movies for when we eventually have kids!). I had 4 square slices of pepperoni pizza with extra sauce from Aurelio’s, about 500 calories total. Then we dug into our anniversary cake. It was as great as it was at our wedding a year ago, but it was still pretty good. Mostly, it was just a little dry. Either way, I had 2 small slices, probably another 500 calories there too. All together about 1830 calories for the day based on my best guessing. I really could have done worse, especially if we went out to eat! Since I was so far over my calorie deficit goal, I’m sure it will be no problem to make up the 330 calorie overage I’m starting off my week with.

And for my 6th workout – I ran Chicago’s Polar Dash! It was great and terrible at the same time. I’ll complain for a moment first, then get to the good stuff: It was freezing out, there were unavoidable puddles, slush and black ice all over the course and my feet got VERY wet at the end of the race, the course was narrow so passing people was difficult, I hadn’t ran outside in weeks due to the dangerously low temperatures we’ve had lately and I was struggling, and my pace was a minute per mile slower than my slowest running efforts. Bah Humbug! So much good though too! The bus rides there and back with our running group were way too much fun, the scenery on the course was breathtaking (see below), I finished, I had an excuse to cuddle with my husband in public, we went out for a delicious breakfast afterward and were so blessed to find out it was all paid for! All in all, a great day in Chicago, and 644 calories burned too!



Today will be a rest day for me, thank goodness. Some meal planning, grocery shopping, maybe some cooking, some reading, some sleeping. Should be good. Check back again tomorrow and I should have our meals for the week posted. (If not, please harass me to get them up!)




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