Week one is done! I’m really proud of myself for sticking with it this week despite some weird circumstances. A snowstorm, subzero temperatures, a day off work which meant 4 days of working 9 hours shifts to make up some lost time, and a random mid-week meeting. I had some brutal workouts that kicked my butt, and I’m so glad I did it! Especially when I stepped on the scale this morning.

Before I share my finally weight loss for the week, tonight’s workout, like last night’s, was a change of pace for me. I spent 25 minutes doing weights and abs with lots of walking in between. My goals was to never stop moving. After a quick costume change, I went for a swim! Honestly, I’m not a swimmer. I can’t hold my breath under water and I have virtually no upper body strength. But tomorrow morning I’m running the Polar Dash 10k (6.2 miles)  in Chicago and I didn’t want to tire my running legs. So I thought I’d try something new. I was super slow but I managed to get in 24 laps in 20 minutes (the pool’s pretty small) before I was too tired and too creeped out by the young couple almost fooling around in the adjacent hot tub. No joke. Did they think I couldn’t see them??? Anyway, providing that couple doesn’t make another appearance, I’ll probably be adding swimming to my workout agenda every week or two.

Today has been difficult for eating. I haven’t overeaten, or binged, but for the first time in a week I actually wanted to. To compensate, I nixed the apple from my meal plan and had 240 calories of chocolate for dessert. Hey, at least it wasn’t a whole bag of chocolates! Next week, I’m going to make sure I plan a ton of protein and (healthy) fats into my diet. I think that as I started working out more, I got more hungry and had more cravings.

Alright, enough small talk. I’m sure you want to hear what my weight loss was one week in.

Drumroll, please.


I lost 5 lbs this week! I can’t even believe it. I’m guessing most of that was water weight but I’ll take that huge headstart!

I was going to make some fancy chart or something to show my progress, but it’s late and I’m tired from all the working  out. Basically, these are the numbers: My overall calorie deficit was 6819 calories meaning I beat my goal of 5,950 calories by 15%. I still have 7 lbs left to lose, which I should be able to lose in just over 4 weeks if I continue on with my plan. I’ll probably plateau, but the thought of reaching my goal almost 3 weeks early has me really excited!

How did your week of workouts go? Anyone else shed some pounds?


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