3/Cabin Fever

My 35 workouts have been off to a rocky start. When I woke up this morning, the expressways were still closed and police were still giving out fines for drivers out on the roads. My husband ventured outside to see if we could get either car moving and it was a no go. With an actual temperature of -16 and a wind chill reading somewhere around -40, I wasn’t going to have him kill himself (literally) spending his morning digging out his car for me. He was off work so he didn’t need to go anywhere, and my car was in the garage, but the alley hadn’t been plowed yet. I made an executive decision to call off of work. I told them I might try to make it in later. My husband didn’t manage to get his car out of the spot it was stuck in down the street until about 3pm; I obviously never made it into work. Which means I also didn’t make it to the gym. Two days in a row – it’s killing me!

Since the only activity I had today was a short walk to and from Walgreens 4 blocks from our house, I’ll need to work out everyday the rest of this week, although I might pull a double on Saturday. (Is that the right term? Pull a double? Correct me if I’m wrong…) Saturday morning we running the Chicago Polar Dash. My husband will be running the 5k and I’ll be running the 10k. Luckily it’s supposed to warm up before then and there’s actually a chance of rain! I would still have time to make it back in time to hit up the Bodyworks plus Abs class at LA. I’d burn 625 calories at the race, and another 300 at Bodyworks.

Bundled for our walk. Yes, he scared people.

My eating has stayed on track so far which is really a relief for me. I have the tendency to binge eat, especially when it comes to chocolate. Not like normal girl enjoying chocolate binging, like eat the whole bag of M n’ M’s in 30 minutes binge eat. Today I finished up last week’s meals: Apple Raisin Pancakes, Thai Basil Meatloaf with brown rice, A rice cake with a TBSP of almond butter, 140 calories worth of dark chocolate chips, and two Eggplant Rollatini (I added a lb of chicken to this recipe) for dinner. While we were at Walgreens were rented Brave and I made a little snack bowl to nibble on during the movie: 1/3 of an Alt Bar, 2 york peppermint patties, a few dark chocolate chips, and a few cherries. It was yummy and satisfying!

Alt bar, cherries, York Peppermint Patties, dark chocolate chips: 235 calories


Anyone else get snowed (or colded) in? How did you spend your day home? Anyone get a workout in?



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