2/Planning Ahead

In case you haven’t heard (which you probably have, because, let’s face it, 3 posts in I don’t know if anyone outside of Northwest Indiana is reading this – heck, maybe nobody in Northwest Indiana is reading either!), Northwest Indiana is in a state of emergency. They’ve closed the expressways and drivers are being fined for being out on country roads. My husband’s car is parked at the end of our block because that’s where it got stuck. We probably have close to two feet of snow from today’s storm and last week’s. Needless to day, today was a great day for a rest day and some cooking.

One thing I did when I initially lost 50 lbs. was to premake all of my meals for the week on Sunday night. I think one of the reasons I fell off the weight loss/maintenance train was because I didn’t prep my meals ahead of time. Planning is the most important aspect of weight loss. In my committing to losing weight over these next 7 weeks, I’m also committing to planning again. Here’s how I work out our food prep:

Friday Night or Saturday I write down everything we plan to eat for the week and my list of groceries. I keep this in a notebook so we can look back and see what we’ve made in the past and loved, and so I can jot down notes about the meals. It also helps to have the meals you’re making written on your grocery list in case you forget how much or what type of an ingredient you needed to buy. Did I need a small eggplant or a large one? They’re out of ground chicken, can I use ground turkey? Much easier to answer questions like those when you know what meals you planned on making.

I usually get groceries on Sunday afternoon. It’s one of the busiest times to go, but it’s what works for my schedule the best. I know if healthy eating is going to be a priority. I shop my list and only buy extras if there’s a great sale on something I use all the time. Sidenote: I shopped yesterday for this weeks groceries instead of today because I was in the area and heard the snow today would be tough to get out in. Apparently everyone else in the county had the same idea as me. There was hardly any produce of meat left! I had to go to a second store to get potatoes, a green pepper, and onions. I had to substitute turkey in my chicken pot pie soup, and grabbed any old random steak I could find for my flank steak fajitas.


After spending most of the afternoon reading (currently working through the Divergent series, pretty good!) on the couch, I decided to finally get up and make a few things. I would normally make everything for the week, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. I made everything but the egg bake that will be my breakfast, some biscuits to go with the soup, and I didn’t portion out our meals. After everything is made, I get our my scale and divide up the food so that my husband has husband sized meals and I have my little 300-350 calories meals. Literally every meal I make for myself is somewhere in that range and they’re all neatly stacked up in the fridge in tupperware so I can quickly pack my lunch while my breakfast is heating up in the microwave. When things are planned out like this I can have a 325 calorie breakfast, a 325 calorie lunch, two 200 calorie snacks, a 325 dinner and a 100 calorie dessert and still be under 1,500 calories for the day. And I rarely eat two snacks!

I luckily managed to plan a bunch of easy to make meals this week. Here’s my menu for this week:


Picante Frittata (which I’m making as an egg bake so I can make 6 servings at once)

Picante Frittata from More Magazine


Chicken (Turkey) Pot Pie Soup and Biscuits

Chicken Pot Pie Soup from Skinnytaste



Flank Steak Fajitas

Slow Cooker Flank Steak Fajitas from 100 Days of Real Food

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Skinny Tuna Noodle Casserole from Skinnytaste

I still have two pancakes leftover from last week’s set of meals so I’ll have to finish my meal prep tomorrow night. I’m also going to try to make it to the gym tomorrow although the snow is really bad and the high for the day is -13! I’m not sure if I’ll even make it to work!

What are you doing on this snowy cold evening? Anyone getting some extra cooking and baking done? (Please share recipes if you are!)


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